Hardware equipments are costly assets and require time to time servicing and installment of updates for durability and long lasting life. Non maintenance of hardware assets can render them useless and they often require unviable hardware replacement that can hurt the finances. Hence the organization looks forward to save revenue and help in national economy by providing economically viable maintenance and repairment services with minimization of e-waste.

MICA honour the value of client’s assets and money therefore ‘Jaan Tek’ a unit of MICA with a team of experienced hardware engineers is committed towards cost effective, pocket friendly hardware solution for wide array of computer architecture requirement like networking, assembly, installment, requirement etc. MICA focuses more on maintenance and conservation of assets rather than costly replacement thus saving time and money of clients.

Hardware division of MICA is the oldest among other service provided by the organization. Initially in the year 1997 the organization with the support of few young minds used to provide full suite of solution to help in better management and utilization of hardware assets and reduce maintenance expenses to save revenue. Gradually with its reliable services by its own team of dedicated hardware engineers and trouble-shooters who have expertise in the area of networking, electrical setup, computer hardware and peripheral mechanism,unit marked its presence in Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

Jaan Tek is registered with S.S.I and upkeeps 1800 System & hardware management in Eastern parts of India.


·         Networking

·         Hardware maintenance

·         Hardware assistance for Smart Classes at schools

·         CCTV installation and maintenance

·         UPS repair and maintenance

·         I.T. related electrical support

·         Trouble shooting and ongoing servicing


·         Cost Effective

·         Upgrade to state of the art technology

·         Better troubleshooting and maintenance

·         Flexible, latest and enhanced services/equipment

·         New circuit/equipment installation 

·         Dedicated and experienced team

·         Reach at call service

Special Thanks To

·         Mr. Arun Kumar

·         Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh

·         Mr. Rupesh Kumar

·         Mr. Jaipal Kumar

·         Md. Q. Ansari

·         Md. Javed Ansari

·         Md. Wasim

·         Mr. Sanjay Ganjhu